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TouchMatter.com is my personal site where I am investigating application's development for iPhone/iPod Touch or other interesting devices. I am French and live in the Bay Area in sunny California, USA !

I have an engineering background in software development, and my true engineering career started back in the early 90's when I discovered NeXT and its operating system - back then I was a C.S. student. Discovering NeXT and it OS was eye opening and since then I never really looked back at any other platform. Like many I have been following up with its evolution from NeXTSTEP, to OpenStep, to Rhapsody (Mac OS X Server), and now what we all now as Mac OS 10. Then came along the iPhone and iPod Touch with a similar development platform !

So the Apple development platform is not a new environment for me since I have been using it since 1991. I consider TouchMatter as being an experience to have fun writing applications for the iPhone / iPod Touch ecosystem on my free time. And maybe in the future I may write applications for other mobile platform.


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