MovieBuddy for Netflix

MovieBuddy for Netflix is a new iPad application available in the AppStore. Learn more about MovieBuddy for Netflix by visiting the dedicated web site: or Download from iTunes

MovieBuddy is the first native iPad app that allows you to browse the Netflix catalog, manage your queue, and stream instant watch movies seamlessly with the Netflix App (the Netflix app must be installed in addition to MovieBuddy). It's the easy-to-use, elegant interface that is sure to compliment your new shiny iPad! Everything about MovieBuddy makes using it an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

CoverFlow MovieBuddy for Netflix

The iPad is a magical and revolutionary product. Why install non-iPad optimized apps or dull, boring ones? Let's face it, 2x doesn't take full advantage of the beautiful interfaces your iPad is designed for. MovieBuddy was designed to take full advantage of the iPad. What's better than streaming a Netflix movie on the gorgeous iPad screen? On the go, wherever you go, with MovieBuddy you can enjoy Netflix the way it was meant to be enjoyed.

With MovieBuddy you can:

  • Browse the Netflix catalog by category/genre in a variety of different ways.
  • Click "Watch Now" seamlessly watch via the Netflix iPad app. Must have the free Netflix iPad app by Netflix installed.
  • Add items to your DVD/Bluray and Instant Watch queues.
  • View similar movies in the movie detail screen.
  • Reorder and remove items in any queue easily and conveniently
  • Search for movies.

Visit the screenshots gallery to discover MovieBuddy for Netflix.

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