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Always browsing the AppStore trying to find a good application? Why not give an app a chance ! Simply shake your device or tap the "Spin" button and watch TapPerso pick a new application from the AppStore ! If you don't like the selection, shake again and a new application will be picked : an entertaining way to discover hidden gem in the AppStore.

TapPerso is a FREE application. Download TapPerso from iTunes now !

With TapPerso, you will be able to :

  • lock your search based on 2 criteria : category and / or price,
  • view the application description right away,
  • get a quicklook of the app screenshots,
  • open the AppStore application on your iPhone/iPod to download it,
  • share your discovery by sending an email directly from the app,
  • share your discovery by using one of the supported Twitter client
  • shake your device to watch the category/price/star spin until an application is randomly picked

In addition, TapPerso keep track of your latest history in case you want to view a previous one and share it again.

Note: TapPerso is the anagram of "AppStore"... same letters but in a random order. 

Read the Frequently Asked Question about TapPerso, or browse the screenshots gallery.

TapPerso main screen TapPerso spinning animation

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