TapPerso is a utility application that will pick randomly an application from the AppStore catalog.
With TapPerso, you will be able to :

  • lock your search based on 2 criteria : category and / or price,
  • view the application description right away,
  • get a quicklook of the app screenshots,
  • open the AppStore application on your iPhone/iPod to download it,
  • share your discovery by sending an email directly from TapPerso,
  • share your discovery by using one of the supported Twitter client
  • shake your device to watch the category/price/stars spin until an application is randomly picked

In addition, TapPerso keep track of the applications history. If you want to check a previous discovery and share it, simply access the history tab.
If you are using Twitter, you can share a link to access the application you found. You will need to define, in the Settings tab, one of the supported Twitter client that TapPerso should use.
You can turn off the sound by tapping the On|Off switch button in the Settings screen.

How does it work?

TapPerso work by using some web services that index the content of the AppStore.
The index is updated daily so you should always get recent information about an application presented in TapPerso.
Reminder: it's possible that sometimes an application description or price change when you check it in the AppStore, most likely the publisher will have updated the application after TapPerso did index the AppStore.

Why the name TapPerso?

TapPerso is one anagram for the word AppStore : same letters but in a random order ! Thus a good way to give an iPhone application a chance by selecting one randomly.

Is it safe to use TapPerso?

Yes totally! TapPerso can not access any information about the applications installed one your device. The applications picked by TapPerso are totally random. For statistics purpose we're collecting some information on how many apps you are seeing in a session, and so on, but we don't access or used any personal information.

For iPhone Developer : can my app be a sponsor in TapPerso?

Sure! Please contact me by email at info _AT_ touchmatter.com, so we can discuss the process. Obvsiouly you will need your application available in the AppStore.

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