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Geo Location

Photo+Map will need to access the geo location service provided by the iPhone OS. When prompt about it, please authorize Photo+Map to access your location. If you do not accept the geo location service, then Photo+Map will not be able to combine the maps with your photo.

Network connectivity

Photo+Map require a network connectivity (WiFi/Edge/3G) in order to retrieve the maps and other geo location information. Be sure that you have such network connectivity for the best usage of Photo+Map.

Note about the map provider

Photo+Map use Yahoo! Maps® for the final image combination. In the future, Photo+Map may offer alternate choices for the map provider like Google Maps® - unfortunately the current license offered by Google does not authorize embedding a static map outside a web browser.

IMPORTANT: Memory Usage

By design Photo+Map manipulates a lot of data to build the final photo with the maps. Such image manipulation require the application to have access to enough memory (RAM). If Photo+Map quit often while working with a photo, please reboot your iPhone. When a crash occurs, the memory (RAM) left for Photo+Map to run smoothly is insufficient and rebooting should solve the problem.

The photo taken with the built-in camera is 1600x1200 aka a 2M pixels photo with the first generation iPhone or 3G, and 1536x2048 for iPhone 3GS. When the photo is 'expanded' in memory it basically take around 8MB for a 2 mega pixel picture. Photo+Map will need at one moment in time to have the original photo loaded in memory and then create a new larger photo to add the map. Photo+Map then use close to 20MB of RAM and the iPhone OS start to be extremely sensitive about memory usage when you are reaching such level. The application has been run many times under the developer tools to optimize as much as possible it's memory usage but it is still close to the iPhone OS limits.

Geo Location on the final photo

When you import the photo+map in your favorite desktop photo application, you will notice that the meta-data (EXIF) does not contains the geo-location information of the photo. Unfortunately the current API provided by Apple when saving a photo into the Photo Library does not permit embedding such information, and thus Photo+Map can't generate such information in the final photo.

Geo Location for photo from the Photo Library

When choosing a photo from your Camera Roll of your Photo Library, Photo+Map will analyze each recent photos to determine if it contain the appropriate EXIF information with the GPS location of the photo. If such information is found, then Photo+Map will be able to generate a photo+map with the appropriate map based on the GPS data.

Photo Resolution

The photo with maps are saved at the following resolution :

- iPhone 1st generation and iPhone 3G : 1600x1600

- iPhone 3GS : 2048x2048

Please note that the resolution 2048x2048 is only when using the 3 mega pixel camera of the iPhone 3GS and with Photo+Map version 1.1 minimum.

Emailing a Photo+Map

If you are sending a Photo+Map by email from the Photo application on your iPhone or iPod Touch, please be aware that the Photo application will scale down the size of the image send in the email. The maximum dimension for an image when using the Photo application on your mobile device will be 800x800. The limitation is from the Photo application, not from the Photo+Map generated. 

If you synchronize your photo library containing some photo+map, you will get the photo+map at its full resolution : 1600x1600 for iPhone 1st generation/3G and 2048x2048 for the iPhone 3GS.

Starting at version 1.2 you can now email photo directly from the application at its full resolution : 1600x1600 on an iPhone 1st generation/3G or 2048x2048 on iPhone 3GS.

Differences Photo+Map and Photo+Map Lite

The first difference between the two versions is that Photo+Map Lite will force you to relaunch the application after you create a photo combined with the maps. Photo+Map let you create as many photos without the need to restart it. The other main differences between Photo+Map and Photo+Map Lite are :

  • Number of maps on the final image : Photo+Map offers 3 choices : one, two or four maps instead of one and four for the lite version,
  • Map zoom level control : Photo+Map offers more control for the zoom level on each map,
  • Accuracy : Photo+Map offers more choices for the accuracy level before fetching the maps,
  • Max Time : Photo+Map offers more choices for the max time before acquiring the maps.
  • No copy : Photo+Map let you copy the final photo+map in the pasteboard so it can be used in any other iPhone application.

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