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Photo+Map for iphone/iPod

Photo+Map screenshot - TouchMatter

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The Twitter social networking experiment has ended ! 

Thank you everyone for your partipication and enjoy the free promo code for Photo+Map full version

I am doing a Twitter social networking experiment to see if I can spread the news about the availability of Photo+Map in the AppStore.

The experiment ended on friday 6/12/09 at 5pm California time !

Below are the steps to participate in the experiment.

I will give a copy of Photo+Map, my new iPhone app, to the first 10 people that do the following :

1 Install Photo+Map Lite (the free version of Photo+Map) on
your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get it here and then
sync, or download it directly to your device.
2 Open Photo+Map Lite and create a photo+map. You can do
this with a photo from your library or by taking a new one.
3 Save the new photo+map in your photo library
4 Send the newly created photo+map to :
info -at-
Use "Twitter experiment" for the subject line, and include
your twitter screen name in the body of the email so I can
verify when you complete step 5, below.
5 Retweet the following exact message :
"Get a free copy of the new iPhone Photo+Map app : for details"

That's it ! The first 10 users to email me a photo+map and then retweet the message will receive a promo code for the full version of Photo+Map !

Thank you for participating in my Twitter social networking experiment and feel free to follow Touchmatter on Twitter at

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