MovieBuddy coming soon

MovieBuddy for Netflix is a new iPad application. MovieBuddy is the first native iPad app that allows you to browse the Netflix catalog, manage your queue, and stream instant watch movies seamlessly with the Netflix App (the Netflix app must be installed in addition to MovieBuddy). It's the easy-to-use, elegant interface that is sure to compliment your new shiny iPad! Everything about MovieBuddy makes using it an enjoyable and intuitive experience.

MovieBuddy is a beautiful application that I have been working with my good friend Brian. This is not the first time that I work with Brian, since we have developed previously the iPhone application FolderBuddy. This time we took up the challenge to bring a true native user interface to manage the Netflix queue, and I believe we did a really good job. In addition to the beautiful user-interface and user-experience, we were able to integrate MovieBuddy for Netflix with the official Netflix application : you can initiate the movie streaming directly from MovieBuddy and when you finish watching the movie, the Netflix application will automatically switch back to MovieBuddy ! It's really slick !

The application is right now in review in the AppStore, and hopefully will be available soon. Check out the dedicated pages to learn more about it or visit :

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