Photo+Map in top 100 in Photography

What a pleasant surprise : Photo+Map 1.4 full version is now in the top 100.

Here is below a screenshot of iTunes :

Yes you read it correctly : Photo+Map is ranked #93 ! The interesting piece of information here is the new ranking is not a total surprise. I have worked over the week end to make that happen. Since the AppStore marketplace is quite a competitive one I will not explain exactly how the new ranking did happen but any good iPhone developer will need to so some research and by using a solution from a third party you can get a nice boost in the number of your product sales. I was initially curious to see if that system was really working and now I can report that yes it's totally working since the screenshot above is the proof of it.

I will try in the next couple days to get Photo+Map in a better spot in the top 100 in the photography section : I would love to get it in the top 50, but that may be more difficult.

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