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WorkMatter© for your iPhone™ or iPod Touch™ is a companion application for the iWork® applications suite from Apple. WorkMatter provides a convenient and easy way to access documents published on server.

IMPORTANT: WorkMatter despite being fully functional and working transparently with has been rejected by the AppStore review team. The application was submitted twice but then was rejected twice for almost the same reason :

"Applications may not use any robot, spider, site search or other retrieval application or device to scrape, retrieve or index services provided by Apple or its licensors, or to collect information about users for any unauthorized purpose. "

Sadly & most likely Apple will be releasing their own iPhone application. WorkMatter was submitted for the first time in February'09. is simply a WebDAV server (standard protocol) with some additional method to support some JSON data payload. 

One of the newest addition of iWork 09 is the document publishing feature to online service. When a document is published to server, the publisher can share it with friends, co-worker etc... the "viewers" can then post comments/feedback, and even download a copy of the document in different format (iWork format, PDF, Microsoft Office® format. The sharing and interaction for posting comments, feedback is done traditionally through a web interface. online services is a great way for collecting feedback on any documents that require input from many people. The concept behind the service is great but in order to view comments, post comments you need to use a desktop/laptop computer with a full capable browser (Safari, FireFox, Internet Explorer, ...). Viewing shared documents with a mobile device like the iPhone or and iPod touch redirect automatically to a simple PDF view of the shared document.

This is where WorkMatter© comes handy ! WorkMatter basically solve the problem for document's publisher and viewer on iPhone and iPod Touch. With WorkMatter you can view all the comments posted on any particular documents, and you can even post new notes and comments directly from your mobile device (available with WorkMatter Pro).

Here is a screenshot of WorkMatter showing 4 documents published on More screenshots are available in the photo gallery.

Main Screen WorkMatter

The next screenshot is showing the detail of a document :

WorkMatter Document Details screen

Clicking on a document page will show you the comments associate to it :

WorkMatter Comment Screen

Please checkout the screenshots gallery to learn more on WorkMatter.

WorkMatter will be available on the AppStore in two different versions. 

WorkMatter Pro : this is the pro version of WorkMatter where you can configure a publisher account or multiple reviewer accounts. With WorkMatter Pro you can post comments, and document notes on any documents, and delete any comments that you have posted or if you are the document's publisher you can delete any comments posted on your documents.
Download link available as soon as the app hit the AppStore - Price : -NA- (App not approved by Apple)

WorkMatter : this is the 'lite' version of WorkMatter Pro, it has the same set of similar feature of WorkMatter but you can only view comments, and notes. The 'lite' version does not let you post any comments or notes, nor can you delete comments or notes. 
Download link available as soon as the app hit the AppStore - Price : -NA- (App not approved by Apple)

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