MovieBuddy 1.1

MovieBuddy for Netflix 1.1 has been release on monday. This new version is adding 3 new features that were requested by MovieBuddy users. Those features are:

  • View Netflix predicted rating for a movie - the predictated rating appears in the movie details screen
  • View existing movie rating - if you have rated a movie and you view the movie details screen, then MovieBuddy will show that rating
  • View movie details from the queue screen

In addition to there new set of features we have of course fixed a couple bugs that should make the application more stable. MovieBuddy for Netflix is available in the AppStore and require an iPad.

Below is a screenshot showing the predicted rating for the user "demo":
Finally I am happy to report that MovieBuddy for Netflix is back in the top 20 applications in the Entertainment category for iPad. As the screenshot below indicate (check rank #16).
MovieBuddy in the Top 20 Entertainment category in iTunes

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