MovieBuddy 1.2

Last week MovieBuddy 1.2 was approved and released in the AppStore. Like the previous version we have been adding a few new features as they have been requested by our users.

The new features coming with MovieBuddy for Netflix 1.2 are :

  • view similar movies when viewing a movie detail
  • view movie availability in the queue : MovieBuddy now display the exact movie availability like "Available now", "Short wait", "Long wait", "Saved for later", ... in addition if the Netflix API provide the availability date then MovieBuddy will show it
  • view all movies in queue : prior to version 1.2 only the first 100 movies were listed when viewing either the DVD or Instant Watch queue. MovieBuddy for Netflix 1.2 solve that issue for a few users, and it's now as easy as tapping a button to load another batch of 100 movies

Of course we did fix a few bugs to make the application faster or simply avoid some potential crasher. As usual the application is available in the AppStore.

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