MovieBuddy 1.2.1

Finally version 1.2.1 of MovieBuddy is out... and it's a good thing !

In the past couple weeks it looks like Netflix did update their API server and by doing so they have changed some of the XML that MovieBuddy was using to find what kind of DVD formats a Netflix customer was authorized to received. By doing so it basically broke the way MovieBuddy was able to login and because of that new users were not able to really use the app. So version 1.2.1 is fixing that particular problem.

Unfortunately there are a few more problems hitting MovieBuddy but they are on the Netflix side of the world and there is not much that I can do to fix it.

It seems that streaming movie from the Netflix app was go or no go depending of the time of the day last week. Sometimes the Netflix app was spinning for a while and then nothing was happening and it was automatically returning to MovieBuddy and some other time it was just working... I stopped tracking the problem when without changing any line of code, I saw the streaming working again... Clearly that was an issue on the Netflix server side or Netflix app rather than MovieBuddy.

Finally Netflix seems to have introduce a new bug if you try to logout from inside MovieBuddy. The link to "Sign out" does not work. After hours of debugging, I did not find anything wrong in MovieBuddy's code, and after a post into Netflix forums, it was confirmed that there was an issue with MobileSafari / UIWebView and the "sign out" link was broken.

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